Talk about No Limit Music

Welcome to No Limit Music, where creativity knows no bounds! We are not just a shop; we are a platform dedicated to empowering and supporting emerging artists. Our mission is to provide a cost-effective avenue for small artists to create and distribute their own products.

At No Limit Music, we go beyond being a mere store; we are also a music label that welcomes every artist to release their EPs or albums. What sets us apart is our unique offer of USB box creation, providing artists with a distinctive way to present their music.

But that's not all – we offer a range of services to enhance your artistic journey. From mesmerizing video animations to eye-catching album covers and USB box designs, our team is here to turn your vision into reality.

If you believe you have a stellar EP or album ready for the world, we want to hear from you! Submit your work to us, and you might just see it released digitally and as a USB box – completely free of charge. For those who prefer only a physical copy without distribution, we also provide the option of a single pressing at a nominal cost of 25 euros.

Join us at No Limit Music, where the possibilities are endless, and your artistic dreams become a reality. Together, let's amplify your talent and make your mark on the music scene!

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